Speakers are what make events stand out. Our summits bring the most innovative minds, practitioners, experts, and thinkers to inspire, educate, engage, and present new ground-breaking ways to work and innovate through Conversational AI

If you are, or if you would like to nominate, an industry Conversational AI practitioner that would like to share innovative projects, Prompt Engineering,  Conversational Design, Prompt Design, Generative AI, Voice interface, Open Source LLMs,  EU AI Policy & Regulatory , strategies, outcomes, challenges, research , new methodologies, or findings with industry peers, please fill out the form below.

For 2025, we have secured a bigger better venue where we’re looking to incorporate a more diverse range of speakers and engaging activities. Instead of having the masterclasses the day before the main conference, they will be incorporated into the two-day agenda. We’re keen to hear your ideas on how you could bring your topic and expertise to life, whether that’s through a traditional talk, a longer masterclass or a smaller more interactive activity.

We look forward to receiving your speaker proposal.


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